ASUS x551CA Review


My first impression on this Asus X551CA-SX024H is that it is indeed a good value for one’s money with an Intel 13 processor, 4GB of RAM complete with 15.6” HD screen which is already good enough for me or for any other average user.


“If you want a laptop that is for light use then I strongly suggest that you check out this laptop. What do I mean by light use?, well if you’re going to browse the Internet use social networks and watch some video’s on youtube then this laptop will be perfect for that kind of light use.

If you are a more accomplished computer user and you want to play high-end games and use applications like Photoshop then you need a more powerful computer than this one.

The Asus – X551CA armed with the Intel I3 processor is more than up to the job of running Windows 8 with ease. It opens up applications and runs web browser games really well.

What I do like is that Asus do not bloat your computer with lots of preinstalled software. A lot of the manufacturers software is not really required and slows down your computer from day one.”

Admittedly, I fell in love with its Windows 8 tablet interface. I mean, who wouldn’t? but what I don’t like is that being a highly accomplished user of Windows for years, Microsoft have already gotten rid of its classic Start button as well as its programmes bar which has already been part of Windows ever since Windows 95. Well, I have not yet updated into Windows 8.1, but it’s just that I dislike being made to really search and cave in for those programmes.

But what I do like, however, is that Asus does not bloat your PC with lots and lots of those annoying pre-installed software. Numerous manufacturers of software isn’t truly necessary which only slows down and lags your unit from the start.

Just like too many manufacturers these days, Asus never supply a DVD image of the user’s serial number or operating system just in case of mishaps. This is done in such a way that the price is lower and may also compel you to call that technical support firms in case of software assistance. In most instances in which it would be a problem in terms of software issues that would be chargeable, Asus gives this laptop model a 2 year limited warranty on hardware.

The LCD High Definition screen includes a resolution of 1366 x 768 and offers stunning quality of images so that you could view movies on it. Not to mention that you could also connect this laptop model very conveniently into your television with an HDMI cable for just around 5 British pounds.

Just similar to its rivals, the current Asus X551CAseries is equipped with wide range of connectivity features as well. This 15.6 inch laptop provides Bluetooth 4.0, integrated WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and Ethernet LAN to ensure stable and speedy Internet browsing.


It is also important to note that the brand Asus is also a component manufacturer. For example, personally, we’ve been utilizing Asus components for many years now as well as for machines for business purposes. Why do you think is of utmost importance? It is because this would make sure that all of the components which are utilized are chosen carefully for compatibility purposes. Aside from that, this would also make sure that the laptop would not be interrupted by some problems in terms of incompatibility issues.

Take note that most laptop firms never make components. They only assemble laptops after purchasing the components from the other manufacturers.

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