Canon PIXMA MG4250 All-in-One Colour Printer


I had in the past HP as it previously was little selection of cheap front loading system printers.
Why front-loading system ?
Because I have the printer in a closet in it and does not want from behind the top of the paper.
The cable ( USB for use without WiFi and electricity) are connected back sunk. So take hardly take up valuable space .
Canon PIXMA MG4250 is almost 45×15 cm not too wide and high and me 30 cm and not very deep.
( You have to top nevertheless somewhat more space expected to open the door scan ,
and forward a few cm for the still to be recovered paper)

What are more plus points ?
Sure, the price of £ 80 , since there is not much competitors with this quality and such features, including USB and Wi-Fi.

What struck me positively :
+ Very easy to install . ( If even a layman with no problems hinbekommen )

+ Installation as easy to understand manual sheet

+ Display menu completely adjustable

+ Reliable Wi-Fi feature and in addition also possible via USB

+ Double-sided printing possible

+ Scanning available directly in specific directory and defined formats (eg including PDF)

+ Good copy function and print quality with various setting
( The problem with not powerful black print I could not find flashy for me , at least with my eye)

Up + display menu very logical and easy to use
It will be displayed even illustrated instructions on what to do / open next to eg To change toner.
These step by step instructions are very helpful , not somewhere to forcibly pull and break something

+ Wi- name can be defined and renamed free

+ All menu items are controlled by integrated software from your PC

+ Toner remaining contents over 4 bar (up to 25 % , and 50% to 75 % and 75%) for both black and color separately displayed

+ Quiet Mode time-controlled adjustable ( ie 20 clock to 9 clock )
Then prints a bit slower , but also in the normal pressure I find it not very loud .

+ Build quality (housing) is very good.
I had also looked at these other manufacturers in the electronics markets ,
but the scan lid or opening covers all cracked and the plastic seems cheap even with more expensive devices ,
which in my opinion is not the case here .

+ Various cleaning mode possible :
Standard Cleaning , Deep Cleaning , floor tile cleaning , paper feed roller cleaning

Canon PIXMA MG4250 worked really easily and all at once. I can recommend the unit for this price in full !
For personal use for non continuous daily use ,
should it in this quality / price class provide few alternatives ( to 80) .

If there are no negative points could be one questions?

Well, actually not really a lot and most of all no that would not be acceptable to me :
– With the Explorer9 in conjunction Windows7 64bit came with me an incompatibility message to a plug-in.
Solution: After the easy setup webprint ex “or EWPX -win – 1_2_1 – EA23 ” looking at Canon or the web and install it. ( One action )

– Felt when turning on / off at high waiting times (5 to 15 seconds)

– When turning on / off and pre / after printing again Cleaners
( I think this will already have a sense that this Canon has done so and is not intended to cause
that the printer will wear out even faster, ” to be disposed of must ?)

That’s it . So I did not think that you can get so much for the money and am super happy.
Hope my impressions help others and this can then also confirm …


  1. This is the printer I have and I love it. It gets the job done and definitely gives you more bang for your buck. This printer works perfectly. It’s better than spending a ton on a printer.

  2. Bought this about a month ago, so far so good. easy to set up. easy to learn. prints are high quality. very good buy.

  3. My grandmother has a similar model printer like this that I really want to buy. I want to upgrade from Brother, as I believe Brother works alright but it’s popularity is sliding and it’s ink is getting harder to find. This printer seems to be everything I need from a top of the line brand. I’m glad to hear the build quality is as good as the printer’s functionality. I think I’m close to buying this printer real soon.

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