Best Kindle Paperwhite Review 2015


Kindle Paperwhite Review 2015

So what is the Kindle Paperwhite? Imagine all your books one place, with versatile options to customize your experience. I’ve found it to be all this, and more!  In this Kindle Paperwhite review we’re going to highlight all the best features to help you decide whether this is the best E-reader for you.

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The latest kindle paperwhite UK edition offers parental controls, language preference, personal document support, and easy to use organizational features to name a few reasons to consider.

With contrast nearing that of an actual book, the Kindle Paperwhite 2015 can put over 1000 books into the palm of your hand. Seriously. It’s so light I often read with one hand!  When you compare Kindle Paperwhite vs Voyage you’ll find that most of the same features come at a much lower cost to you.

Full list of features:

Best Kindle Paperwhite Review 2015If you buy the Kindle Paperwhite 3G edition, it allows you to browse for new titles on mobile phone networks, without any cost or subscription! Don’t worry though, if you don’t want to splurge for the 3G model you can just connect to the nearest available Wi-Fi to download the next book you want to read.

The thing the I love most is the learning capabilities with the combination of the Smart Lookup and Vocabulary builder. Smart Lookup enables an on-the-go dictionary look-up on any word, simply by holding your finger on the word you wish to learn, no more shuffling around with the dictionary or saving words for later. Of course, you can still save the words for later that you’ve looked-up, and I find this an excellent tool for storing them in long-term memory. On-top of this I can enable the Word Wise feature to automatically display definitions under difficult words, making me confident I understand any book I set my eyes on.

The learning capabilities this device offers just keep on going with the X-Ray tool, which displays topics of interest including relevant ideas, historical figures, places, and fictional characters in a easy to use timeline. I no longer have to flip back through tens or hundreds of pages to find out that one key detail that I forgot.

I’m constantly encouraging my kids to read to keep them ahead of the curve, and the new Kindle Paperwhite offers an amazing feature called Kindle Freetime which makes this task a lot easier. It basically turns reading into a game (which I can monitor); I set reading goals in each of their profiles by either pages or time spent reading, and watch them go nuts trying to get the next ‘achievement’. 6 different Kindle eReaders can be set-up to the same account, so if you’re planning on buying for the whole family you can easily distribute each of your favorite reads amongst your group.

The new E-Ink Carta display (as opposed to the previous E-ink Pearl display) makes using the eReader easy on my eyes. It gives 50% better contrast making the words pretty much jump right off of the screen, and by refreshing the screen less it causes less eye-strain. It comes with 8 different size fonts (and 6 different font-types), and you can even zoom if necessary. I’ve found that with these options I’ve never needed to use my reading glasses.

Even in daylight I find that’s it’s extremely close to the experience of reading an actual book, I haven’t noticed any problems with glare from the sun.

I like to keep my life as organized as I can, and the Kindle library tool allows me to customize different categories and find specific books in no time at all. Beyond this, I can load my personal documents and files onto it for easy access instead of hopping from my computer to my phone and then back again, which I find is a huge time-waste.

My personal experience with the new 2015 Kindle Paperwhite has been worth my money spent plus more. It keeps my reading habits neat and organized and I think it’s an excellent acquisition for any bookworm like myself.

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